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While this is not as tragic as Holly's last find, wherein I was practically reduced to tears upon seeing the miserable number of reviews, I here present a story that has 142 reviews in no less than 28 chapters.  

I suspect it's been overlooked due to the extremely high perv quotient on FF and also based on the fact that it's not actually about a romance.  

Title:  The Best Ship of All
Summary: Shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half a sorrow.' The development of Hermione and Ginny's relationship, a friendship left mainly off the page in the novels.
Rating: K
Author: Fionnabhair Nic Aillil 
Reviews upon Discovery: 142
Why the Whoring:  It's unique and fresh, and while it mirrors the books in many ways, it presents this whole other side of things that is really quite lovely.  It's incomplete, but what has been written thus far is really strong.  

Go forth and whore, my excellent friends!
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So I've discoverd another Underreviewed fically. In fact, I've discovered three. Or two and a half. They're all part of a series, called "The Moon Cursers", and as you might be able to discern from that particular title, it's about Remus.

I wouldn't say it's AU because it occurs between the death of James and Lily and the first Harry Potter book. References are made to Remus' past life and they are all accurate. There's an OC, though I think she may be derived from a canon family: MacDougal (Morag MacDougal, who's a Ravenclaw from a pureblood family in the books). Anyways, it's really interesting. Entertaining, of course, and the plot is well-developed as well. I particularly liked it because we don't see many fics that talk strictly about Remus, and especially we don't see them examining Remus in the time after all his friends were taken from him.

Anywho, I highly recommend this fic. Fics. The whole series is good :P

Title: Moons of Deceit
Author: Grace has Victory
Rating: T
Pairing: Remus/OC (Ariadne MacDougal)
Summary: Remus Lupin has mischievous friends and lycanthropy, the prophetic Ariadne MacDougal has a misguided family, and everyone must deal with Voldemort. A story of the death of innocence and the renewal of hope. Part I of “The Moon Cursers”. HBP compatible.

Whore away, friends! It only has eleven reviews right now...eleven! What is that? This situation should be remmedied...
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Hello, everyone! Holly here, co-whoret of Kat and whore extraordinaire. In relation to reviews, that is :P

I'm here to inform all of you of a story which deserves all of our utmost efforts at seduction. We should all employ our skills with the wiles of our trade here and give this story the attention it deserves. Pimps and Whores, allow me to introduce you to a gem lost in the backwaters of fanfiction:

Title: In the House of the Quick and the Hungry
Author: Laura S'mora
Ship: Harry/Ginny
Rating: T
Summary: The finer aspects of Ginny Weasley's life, all entwined, in their own way, within the story of how she wound up with Harry Potter.
Why the Whoring: Because this fic, all joking aside, is one of the best out there. It has a fair number of reviews (263), but it should have more. It's seventeen chapters. It should have at least in the upper hundreds. The way this girl writes is incredible. It's like nothing I've come across in fanfiction at all. It's a nice break from the traditional approach to Harry/Ginny, and the character development, for all the Weasleys, not just Ginny, is incredible.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1975791/1/

That said, happy reading! And also, anything by Laura S'mora in general is going to be good. I'd suggest reading anything she's ever written. It's well worth your time.

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In my glee at whoring Power, I, of course, forgot to actually include the link to the story.  

I am a huge dork. 


Now you can all go forth and whore!

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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I fic searched, weak and weary
Over many a strange and dreadful tale of "O plz let him love mee!111!!!"
While I browsed, fairly weeping, suddenly there came a story,
Filled with quality and thought, thought for characters and plot,
"'Tis not possible!" I cried, "Why'd this only get 14 reviews?"
Quoth the reader, "Time to whore."


Fic Title:  Power
Author:  Enchanted4964
Ship: Harry/Ginny
Rating: M for mild sexuality.  I would have rated it T, but I read romance novels.  
Summary: "'Size is no guarantee of power...look at Ginny George Weasley,' Chapter 6 Order of the Phoenix. Power: The ability to wield or exercise authority over others. A look into Ginny's Power over the men in her life."
Number of Reviews Upon Discovery: 13
Why the Whoring:  This story is incredible.  I stumbled across it by accident, but what a lucky accident it was!  The writing is superlative, and the characterization is done absolutely flawlessly, in addition to the unique uses of perspective.  I fell in love with this story, and there's still several more chapters to go.  Hopefull we will continue to be amazed. 

As an interesting sidenote, this is the fic that prompted

inanera and I to create this community.  We were both shocked that such an unbelievable story had gotten thirteen reviews, a few of which were the inarticulate "OMGZ!!!!!11!!1!!! PLZ UPDATE!!1!" reviews, which really don't count at all. 



Go forth and whore, my friends!

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Ladies and Gents, Whores and Pimps!

Come one!  Come all!  

Welcome to the Very First Harem established specifically for the purpose of:

Giving some good lovin' to those underappreciated fics of the world!


Anything but whoreable,

And absolutely deserving of every whore's last shred of dignity and pride.

Bow down to them.

You are not worthy.

Here we can finally give credit to the unseen gems of the fanfiction world, whose authors have struggled only to be slighted by the cruel world.  

By whoring that which is unseen and beautiful, we might all revel in the unparallelled bliss that is an unread and well-written fic.  

There are treasures to be found amongst the mud and mire.

So put on your fishnets and your stilletos;

Don your hooker vest and your miniskirt;

And love these fics 'til they're satisfied!

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